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Academia de Ingeniera, Arquitectura y Agrimensura de Filipinas

The Philippine Institute of Architects traces its origin to the Academia de Ingeniera, Arquitectura y Agrimensura de Filipinas. The first organization for Filipino Maestro de Obras during the early 1900. It was co- founded by Carlos Alejandro Barretto,et al. in 1903. The last serving president of the organization is Tomas Arguelles.

Philippine Architects Society

A the turn of the century on 1933, during the American occupation, the Pensionado[citation needed] and the members of the AiAAF joined forces hand-in-hand to establish the first architectural professional organization in the Philippines, thus the founding of the Philippine Architects Society on January 19, 1933. The organization's first president was Juan F. Nakpil, who was then only 32 years old. He was president from 1933- 1935 until he was replaced by Tomas Mapua in 1935.

Among the founding members of the organization were Carlos Alejandro Barretto, who gave the name of the organization; Juan F. Nakpil, president; Tomas Mapua, chief of the Bureau of Public Works;[2] Tomas Arguelles, president of AiAAF; Juan M. ArellanoPablo S. Antonio, and Andrés Luna de San Pedro, from the Bureau of Public Works. The society held its headquarters at the Nakpil Mansion in Dakota, Manila.

  • In 1936, American architect William E. Parsons sat as adviser of the PAS.

  • In 1941, Pablo Antonio assumed the presidency of the PAS during the first PAS Convention held at the old Club Filipino in Sta. Mesa, Manila. In the same year, the organization bestowed to Pres. Manuel L. Quezon its first Honorary Membership Award.

  • In 1941, the PAS established the School of Design and Arts along Isaac Peral Street (now United Nations Avenue, Manila). The school was dedicated for the training and education of architects and artisan in the country. However, the school was shut down during World War II and was never reopened until then.

  • During World War II, the PAS ceased its activities from 1942 to 1945.

Philippine Institute of Architects

On 1945, the PAS was called for a noble cause to help rehabilitate the war-stricken country. The society once again resumed its activities and changed the name to the Philippine Institute of Architects and Planners (PIAP) then to the present Philippine Institute of Architects.