2018 the order of National Artist in Architecture

Designing Filipino

The Architecture of Francisco Mañosa

Francisco "Bobby" Mañosa has been described as the most outspoken champion of an indigenous Filipino Architecture. 


Mañosa developed a style that was at once recognizably Filipino, yet still modern. He devoted his life’s work to creating a Filipino identity in architecture, advocating design philosophies that harken “back to the Bahay Kubo and the Bahay na Bato,” and other traditional vernacular forms. Mañosa became known for combining these traditional forms and indigenous materials with modern building technology to create structures he feels are be best suited to the Philippines’ tropical climate.


Bobby Mañosa is truly an inspiration to all architects especially those who practice and uphold the values of Filipino Architecture. All his profound contributions are still being utilized up to now.


For more than six decades, Mañosa has inspired artists and creatives to champion Philippine architecture and design. “I design Filipino, nothing else,” is his mantra as a celebrated architect. This set him apart from the rest.


Mañosa once said to a foreigner wanting to design a structure for them - “Please understand that my conscience will never allow me to design anything but Filipino.”




A unified effort of Filipino Organizations such PIA, UAP,  PRBOA, CODHASP, UST ALUMNI, ARCHITECTURAL ARCHIVES, GUILD OF PHILIPPINE ARCHITECTS IN CONSERVATION as was behind the nomination of Francisco "Bobby" Mañosa as National Artist in Architecture. PIA Past Presidents Joel Rico, Cha Santos Naval, Sonny Labao, UAP Director Robert Benedict Hermoso, Mary Kristine, Joey Francisco, Mark Lester Ventosa, Maundy Florendo, Jeremy Tumale, Peque Tan, UAP President Benj Bkp Panganiban Jr., UAP IPP Guimo Hisancha, PIA President Frederick R. Sibug, Corazon Tandoc, BOA Chairman,Robert Sac, PIA late president, Renato S. Basa, Arthur Noel Castro, & Rene Heray