Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA)

Oldest existing architectural society in the Philippines and in Asia


The Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) is an architectural society in the Philippines and is the oldest architectural society in Asia. It is composed of noble men and women from the architectural profession of the Philippines. It was founded by renowned architects in 1933 whose ultimate endeavor is the professional development of architecture in the Philippines.

The PIA once served as the Philippine Section and founding member of the Union internationale des Architectes (UIA), the International organization for architects from 1950 until 1991 until its membership was then passed on to the United Architects of the Philippines.

Objectives of the PIA 

  • To organize and unite in fellowship the architects in the Philippines.

  • To promote through collaborative efforts the advancement of the artistic and practical impacts of the profession.

  • To help in the advancement of design and construction by elevating the standards of architectural education, training, and professional practice.

  • To assist in bringing architecture more dynamically and intimately to the life of the social man.

  • To coordinate the profession of architecture with allied arts, science, trade, industry, and the civic enterprise of the community.

  • Hoping to find in the fulfillment of these aims- its modest contributions towards the making of a better and happier world to live in.


Designed by founding President, Arch. Juan Felipe Nakpil,fpia. 

Features of  the artwork are as follows:​

  • Skull of a carabao

The Carabao being the symbol of Filipino hard-work and dedication to professionalism.

  • Bahay-kubo

The "Filipino" house that truly symbolizes the Filipino architecture.

  • Mt. Mayon

The world renowned volcano that the Philippines boast for its perfect cone.

PIA March

The PIA Hymn March was composed in 1953 by kundiman composer Josefino Celestino Cenizal and PIA president Jose Ma. Zaragoza. It was first heard during the 20th PIA Annual National Convention.

"Come now! Let's all be united for the progress of our native land, as brother architects we must not forget to enhance the progress of our land!"

Video Created by: Ar. S. Suñe PIA for Philippine Institute of Architects Negros Occidental Section